Stripe - possible for zero quantity subscription

I have a subscription plan on stripe, and use this for per seat pricing.

The specific use case is:

  • Customer has previously paid and so has customer id and subscription id in the database
  • They remove all of their users one month
  • The next month they add a user again
  • I want the end date to have been updated to the end of the current month when the bill period rolls over, so that I don't display a message saying they didn't pay for previous bill period.

In the stripe subscription object, can I set the quantity for the subscription to 0, meaning the customer won't get billed?

If I do this, will the webhook for invoice.payment_succeeded still be called? This allows me to update information in the database.

Is there a different webhook I should be using for this?

Yes if you will set quantity of subscription to 0 then still a zero dollar invoice still come in payment_succeeded webhook and will update the invoice.

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